Needling is a method that involves creating dozens of tiny microchannels with ultra-fine needles. The skin can absorb up to 3000 times more nutrients through these channels, stimulating the skin to form new collagen on its own. A cocktail of ingredients is specially formulated depending on the patient’s individual needs and the condition of their skin. Best results have been observed for fine skin creases, dry and pallid skin and acne scars.
The area being treated is prepared by applying an acid peel. After the needling procedure, the skin is pampered with a cooling alginate mask. For best results, we recommend a series of six treatments performed at intervals of approximately one week. For lasting results we recommend a maintenance treatment every six months.

Pricing: needling
    Face, 1 x treatment
    250,- SFr
    Face, 6 x treatments
    1250,- SFr
    Face/neck/décolleté, 1 x treatment
    370,- SFr
    Face/neck/décolleté 5 x treatments
    1850,- SFr