KPT pigments

Age spots are pigmentary changes in the skin and occur due to frequent UV exposure. The spots are caused by an accumulation of pigment granules.
They are usually found on sun-exposed regions of skin, such as the face, décolleté and hands.
The pigment granules in the brown or dark-brown age spots are broken up with laser light. The body can then remove these broken down cell particles via the lymphatic system. One or more treatments are required depending on the colour and depth of the spot.
During the treatment, the laser causes a slight burning sensation on the skin. The spot can be pre-cooled for patients with larger spots or who are particularly sensitive to pain.
Directly after the treatment, the spots will be reddened and might swell and show some slight bruising. The treated pigment spots turn into violet spots by the next day. Later a crust will form as well. Do not scrape off this crust. It takes at least three weeks to see the final result.

Pricing: KPT pigments
    KPT pigments
    per 15 mins
    390,- SFr