Hair removal with diode laser

The diode laser works according to the principle of photoepilation. It is one of the most innovative methods available for permanent hair removal. The light from the laser is transmitted into the skin through the hair pigments. This works because all of the tissue in the human body absorbs light within a certain range of wavelengths.
Our hairs are always in one of three phases of their life cycle: the growth phase (anagen), the transitional phase (catagen) and the resting phase (telogen). Only during the growth phase is the hair and its growing cells affected, whereas the laser beam hardly affects the hair during the other phases. How many and which hairs are currently in the growth phase and the duration of each depends on a range of different factors, such as age, predisposition, hormone levels and – most importantly – the location on the body. And because the transitions between the phases and hair regions are fluid, several sessions need to be performed to achieve lasting results.

Pricing: hair removal
    Upper lip
    100,- SFr
    150,- SFr
    Bikini line
    200,- SFr
    150,- SFr
    200,- SFr
    Upper/lower leg
    300,- SFr