CO2 Fraxel

State-of-the-art CO2 Fraxel laser technology can be used to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. This method involves using a laser to make hundreds of microscopic punctures in the skin. Rapid healing of skin begins at the boundaries of the untreated regions these purposefully damaged skin regions to form fresh, new skin for a more refined overall complexion. This laser can be used to treat wrinkles or scars (such as acne scars), pigmented lesions as well as to achieve a gentle skin firming effect and finer looking skin.
Each selected skin region is treated with the laser a single time. During the treatment, the laser causes a slight burning sensation on the skin. The sensation of pain varies between individuals and also depends on the particular area of the body. Afterwards, the skin will be reddened and can be much more sensitive. The redness normally goes away after a few hours. In rare cases, small crusts form after a few days and the skin will scale off.  
Directly after the treatment and for the next four to eight weeks, the treated region must be protected from the sun. After that, sun protection with a minimum SPF of 50 should be used.

Pricing: CO2 Fraxel
    Laser test
    95,- SFr
    Fraxel per region
    460,- SFr
    Fraxel per region, 3 x treatments
    1100,- SFr
    Fraxel, complete face
    840,- SFr
    Fraxel complete face, 3 x treatments
    2100,- SFr