Laser treatment for rosacea / spider veins

The lasering device generates a very intense, concentrated beam of light of a certain wavelength. The energy from this laser penetrates the topmost layer of the skin without damaging it and is absorbed by the blood vessel or wall of the blood vessel. The laser light is converted to heat, which scleroses the vessels.
In most cases, patients see significant improvements after two or three treatments. The treated vessels are usually eliminated permanently. Over time, however, new vessels can emerge and then be treated in the same way. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly reddened, a bit swollen and even show some minor crusting. These reactions go away again after a few days.

Pricing: rosacea/spider vein laser treatment
    Laser test
    95,- SFr
    Rosacea/spider veins
    per 15 mins
    390,- SFr