CO2 laser

Using the latest CO2 laser technology, benign skin protrusions can be removed practically without a trace. Moles, warts, protrusions of connective tissue and cysts are spherical changes in the skin. To ensure a scar-free removal they must therefore be removed in layers. For this reason, only part of the protrusion is removed during each laser session. Depending on the depth of growth, a visible alteration to the skin may remain.
Depending on the size of the area being treated, wounds may occur on the surface. These normally heal over a period of several days or weeks. During the treatment, the laser causes a slight burning sensation on the skin. Local anaesthetic can be administered in patients with larger spots or who are particularly sensitive to pain. A thin crust will form on the skin for three to seven days after a CO2 laser treatment. The regenerated skin is very sensitive and should therefore be well protected from the sun. SPF 50 sun protection should be applied to the treated region for at least four to eight weeks.

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