Acne treatments

Our dermatology practice specialises in the competent treatment of skin conditions, in particular acne. We treat acne quickly and successfully with topical products, specific medical acne clearing techniques or with additional medication. 
Acne is caused by an oversensitivity of the sebaceous glands to male hormones in the body, resulting in excess production of sebum. This, together with increased keratinisation around the opening of the sebaceous gland, results in closed whiteheads or open blackheads that lead to bacterial acne inflammation. If these spots are not removed in time, they burst and leave behind red pimples, pustules and lumps that can cause permanent scars. There are different kinds of acne, for example: adolescent acne, blackhead acne, acne medicamentosa, skin picking acne and adult acne. 
The Swiss Skin Center by Dr. Gerny in Zurich specialises in treating all types of acne with the very latest, highly effective methods. We have years of experience in dermatology to offer you the full range of medical and aesthetic medical services. Your consultation and treatment are tailored specifically to your needs – for quickly visible results. 
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