This procedure rejuvenates and revitalises your skin with dozens of microinjections of a cocktail consisting of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, trace elements and botulinum toxin specially formulated for the condition of your skin. This process stimulates microcirculation in the skin, reinforces skin structure, improves hydration and stimulates the production of your body’s own collagen and elastin. Ideally, it is applied to the face, neck, décolleté, and hands to treat fine skin creases or dryness-related wrinkles.
For visible results, we recommend a treatment series consisting of five sessions spread out over two to three weeks. After all of these sessions are complete, a maintenance treatment is recommended every three to four months. Depending on the size of the area, it takes 30-60 minutes to perform the skin treatment. Directly after the treatment, the skin may swell a bit and you may notice several tiny stinging reactions. These usually recede within 48 hours. To enhance the effect, it is possible to combine chemical/mechanical peels, hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin injections.

Pricing: Mesolift
    300,- SFr
    560,- SFr
    Face/décolleté 5 x treatments
    2400,- SFr