HCG diet

The HCG diet is a solution that gets the body’s fat stores moving again, without requiring intense muscular exertion or fasting. The method is based on two pillars: the first is the daily administration of a small dose of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which is a natural hormone produced during pregnancy. Injecting the pregnancy hormone greatly reduces hunger pangs, causing you to lose weight primarily in the region around the hips, thighs and abdomen. Secondly, the treatment involves an individualised daily diet plan that requires strict adherence. The new diet ensures that the weight you lose in specific places is not replaced by new fat.  
Two days after the first HCG injection, the patient starts with their new diet and continues with it until two days after the last dose. An appointment is made at our clinic 10 days later to support the patient during the treatment and to administer the dose of HCG. This lets us monitor the patient’s weight and offer them advice during this phase. The treatment normally takes two to four weeks. After a diet lasting four weeks (40 days), we recommend a break for one to two months. The HCG method is not advisable unless the necessary dietary adjustments are made to accompany it. Patients can usually expect to lose 2 to 6 kg, without experiencing the “yo-yo effect” – assuming that they keep up the recommended diet over time.

Pricing: HCG treatment
    10 days
    350,- SFr
    30 days
    950,- SFr