Treatment with type-A botulinum toxin

Botox is the brand name for purified type-A botulinum toxin. The substance is produced by a bacterium and is isolated using a complex purification process. Botulinum toxin is used to control muscular contractions. Inhibiting the transmission of nerve signals specifically to the mimetic musculature causes these muscles to relax. If the line is still visible when the face is relaxed, the line needs to be treated additionally with a filler.
Another application is for the control of sweat gland activity. The excretion of sweat, particularly in the armpits, is triggered by nerve signals. These signals can also be blocked with botulinum toxin. After a treatment, sweat secretion is greatly reduced for a certain length of time.  
The substance is injected into the muscle with a very fine needle. The treated muscle will no longer be fully functional in the four to ten days following the injection, and the results become visible. For best results, we recommend scheduling a follow-up exam one to two weeks after the first treatment.
The partial relaxation of the mimetic musculature lasts for around 3-4 months. After several treatments , the muscle will become weakened because it has been idle, thus prolonging the effect.
Excessive sweating is treated with a series of small injections into the dermis of the affected region (armpits, hands, feet). The effects are noticeable after four to six days. This treatment is also repeated every three to four months.

Pricing: botulinum toxin
    1 zone
    300,- SFr
    2 zones
    600,- SFr
    3 zones
    800,- SFr
    800,- SFr